Beaugeste Photo Gallery in Shanghai first opened in 2007 originally to represent Gallery VU’ of France. Specialized in Chinese contemporary photography for art lovers and collectors of photography, it is a “boutique gallery” hidden on the fifth floor in Tianzifang the art street of Taikang Road.
The every-2-month exhibition cycle, organized by curator Jean Loh, who was awarded "Gallerist of the Year" in 2011 by the magazine "Photogrphers' Companion", presents themed works by the best Chinese contemporary photographers such as: Lu Yuanmin, Jiang Jian, Hu Wugong, Wang Fuchen, Lu Guang, Zhou Ming, Yan Changjiang, Wang Gang, Xiao Quan, Xu Peiwu, Xiao Xuan'an, Li Zhixiong and Hu Li etc. Incoming exhibitions will include other top veteran photographers such as Li Zhensheng, Xu Yong, Yong He, Zhang Hai'er, An Ge, Jiang Zhenqing, etc. The younger generation such as Zeng Yichen and Zhe Chen will also reveal their talents. Original works by world photographers such as: Marc Riboud, Anders Petersen, Klavdij Sluban, Thierry Girard, Diana Lui, Catherine Cameron, Alain Buu, Eric Mannaerts, Tatjana Loh, Solange Brand, Pokchi Lau, etc. are represented and exhibited. Most of our Chinese photographers have spent time even years researching & documenting their subject to produce a body of works, 90% film-based, that carry a story and a concept. We consider them more like "authors" rather than artists.
August Sander said: “photography is about seeing, observing and thinking”. Beaugeste gallery’s modest mission is to display “meaningful” photography for collectors not only to see and to appreciate, but also to feel emotion in their heart. We want to stimulate curiosity and raise question in the mind of the viewers. We design bilingual or trilingual catalogue for most of the exhibitions, in collaboration with the International Publishing House for China’s Culture (Washington USA).
Our exhibited prints are available with or without limited edition in fiber-based gelatin silver prints, or in digigraphie (inkjet prints) on archival paper, preferably on Canson and Hahnemuhle fine art papers, with certificate of authenticity.

泰康路210弄5号楼519室 上海 200025 lane 210 taikang road building 5, studio 519 shanghai, 200025
tel/fax: +86 21 6466 9012

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