Born in 1955 in France, Patrick Zachmann started as a freelance photographer in 1976, before joining Magnum in 1985. He became a full member in 1990. Patrick has dedicated himself to long-term projects on cultural identity, memory and immigration. In 1982, he documentedthe Neapolitan police and mafia - the Camorra - resulting in the publication of a book. In 1987, after seven years on a personal project about Jewish identity, Zachmann published his second book, “Inquest on Identity or a Jew in search of his memory”. In 1989 he received the prestigious Niepce Award.He has published a dozen of books and directed several documentary films.

Among his rich body of work Zachmann chose to have his 30 years of documentary photography on China exhibited in a retrospective at the Paris museum of photography (La MEP) and published in a Xavier Barral book titled “So Long, China”. From the 1982 reportage on cinema studio in Beijing and Shanghai to 2015 his latest project called “China too fast”, Patrick reveals his deep knowledge of the social landscape and the impact of the high speed development on the “trans-generational” issue. He has focused especially on the Chinese diaspora (Wenzhou, Taishan and their connection with France and the USA), and the migrant workers (Min Gong). He also covered Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Sichuan Earthquake, the vanishing Hutong of Beijing and the Linong of Shanghai, the Shanghai World Expo, and the minorities in Yunnan.

2003: Collective 13 Henan Photographer at the Pingyao Photography Festival
2016: « So Long, China »Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, Paris
2015: « Mare, Mater »Museum of Photography Nicephore Niepce, Chalon sur Saone,
2014: « Mare, Mater » Magnum Gallery, Paris
2013: “East West in Dali”, Dali Photography Museum, Yunnan

帕特里克·扎克曼,1955年出生于法国,1985年加入马格南图片社,1990年成为正式成员。扎克曼一直致力于追寻自己的文化身份,记忆,和移民等长期项目。 1982年他记录了意大利那不勒斯的警方和黑手党并出版一书。 1987年经过七年的研究犹太人的身份和记忆他发表了第二本书。 1989年,他获得了享有声望的尼埃普斯奖。他出版过10多本书,导演了好几套电影纪录片。

在他丰富的作品系列里,扎克曼选择把他30年来回中国的影像在巴黎摄影博物馆(LA MEP)举办标题为《再见,中国》的回顾展,并出版了泽维尔·巴拉尔编辑的书。从1982年他首次来到北京和上海的电影制片厂的报道,至2015年的《中国太快》他最新的系列,帕特里克揭示了他对中国社会面貌的深刻理解,和高速发展对“跨代”问题带来的影响。他特别注重中国移民的来龙去脉(去法国的温州人,去美国的台山人),以及从农村到城市的民工的状态。他还报道过香港,台湾,四川地震,上海世博会,消失的北京胡同和上海弄堂,和云南的少数民族。

2016年: « 再见,中国» 巴黎欧洲摄影之家摄影博物馆。
2015年: 《大海,母亲》尼埃普斯摄影博物馆,法国夏隆。
2014年: 《大海,母亲》马格楠画廊,法国巴黎。
2013年: 《东西大理》群展,云南大理摄影博物馆。

Patrick Zachmann