Exalting Humanity” – Photography by Swedish Master Anders Petersen
Beaugeste Gallery is proud to present for the first time in Shanghai 32 prints of Anders Petersen’s “Paris – Gap – Saint Etienne - Sete”.
Born in Stockholm in 1944, Anders Petersen is often considered a living legend, one of the great photographers who have explored and penetrated the hidden parts of human BEING, throughout café-bars, prisons and mental institutions. In his words: ‘If you want to find out who you are you have to seek out situations alien to all that has so far been experienced as normal. You have to go way down and in degradation there is a lack of pressure that can feel liberating. Evil is in us all. Therefore it is more important to confirm the positive, and I exalt humanity because humanity is what I am able to exalt.’
After studying under Swedish Master Christer Stromholm at the Photography School of Stockholm University, Anders Petersen achieved his first major work in Hamburg’s ‘Café Lehmitz’. This series of social yet “subjective” photographs consisting of portraits of people at the bottom of the social ladder (prostitutes, hoodlums, transvestites), has won the Kodak award for best photo book in 1979,? and is often considered one of the most influential books after Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans.’ In 2008 Anders received the most prestigious photo prize of Germany the Erich Salomon’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
Anders Petersen photographs people. People unknown to him and as such are models of chance encounter, of haphazard discovery in the city. Then depending on the mood or desire of the moment, these encounters become moments of sharing and complicity or reasons for self doubt and questioning. Following the straight line of his current work on loneliness and intimacy, Anders leads us through dark alleys in search of the last bar open or rather the last client to photograph. He carries around his lens with a form of emergency, agitation, of need to capture that vibrates along his path. No limit, no restrain, just some intense situations laid out with a powerful contrast, under his sharp eye that can capture brilliantly the tiniest instants of abandon, of pleasure, of near despair, in settings that are marked by the passing of time and by sadness.
Curator: Jean Loh


瑞典摄影大师 安德斯?皮德森摄影展 Anders Petersen
在连州摄影节获得评委特奖后这次上海首次展出安德斯?皮德森2005-2008在法国巴黎,盖普,圣艾蒂安, 赛特港四城市中拍摄的30幅代表作品。
师从瑞典大师Christer Stromholm完成了在斯德哥尔摩大学摄影学校的学习后,安德斯在汉堡市的Lehmitz咖菲馆完成了其本人的第一个力作。这一系列具有“社会的”和“主观”特征的照片涵盖了处于社会阶梯最底部人们的肖像(妓女、流氓、异装癖者等)。 出版于1979 年的画册“Café Lehmitz”嬴得柯达大奖的最佳摄影画册奖, 评论家把它列为继罗伯特?弗兰克的 “美国人”之后最有影响的摄影丛书之一。2008年安德斯获德国摄影界最高Erich Salomon奖的终生成就大奖。
他拍摄人。素不相识、在城市中偶然遇到的人,就这样成了他的模特。接着取决于当时的状态或欲望,这些相遇时刻便成为分享、共谋、或者自我怀疑和提问的理由。安德斯带领我们走进黑暗的弄堂寻找最晚关门的酒吧,拍摄酒吧里最后一位客人。 伴随脚步的震动,他的镜头周围充斥着紧急、骚动、捕捉的状态。没有极限,没有束缚,仅仅是一些强对比的紧张状态。在他敏锐的目光下,通过对时间流逝和伤感的标记精彩捕捉到最细微的时刻:摈弃、愉悦、几近绝望。


Anders Petersen